Real Friends estrena su vídeo «Me First»

La banda Real Friends estrena su vídeo «Me First» el cual hace parte de su nuevo álbum

I’m at best your second option
Like a key under the mat
Are my emotions hard to read?
It seems I’m good at hiding reality
You disregard the consequences
Always seem to shift the blame
You burn the bridge and then I build it
It seems you’re good at hiding reality

Why don’t you put me first for once and spare me the bad news?
We might need to slow down
Because I’m not going anywhere

You make me feel helpless
Like a bird with broken wings
Forcing me to be more selfless
Lean on me, don’t knock me over
It seems we’re good at hiding
It seems we’re good at fighting reality

I’m all alone
I feel sorry for you
It’s hard to say
There’s nothing else I can do
There’s nothing I can do

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