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Cruel Hand estrena su vídeo “Decompose”

La banda Cruel Hand estrena su vídeo “Decompose”  de su próximo álbum, ‘Your World Won’t  disponible a partir del 9 de septiembre en Hopeless Records!

►Preorder the album on iTunes/Google Play: http://smarturl.it/yourworldwontlisten
►Physical Preorders + Merch: http://smarturl.it/cruelhandmerch
Listen to Dead Eyes Watching and more by Cruel hand on Spotify : http://hopel.es/1UB328X


Destination distortion again
Records from the past coming back
Say hello to old friends

Poking holes in the speakers that our parents bought
Just to get the sounds from the CD box
Turn me on, turn me up eternally
Don’t you ever turn me off

In my mind there’s a place where nothing grows
And I won’t show
When I die I’ll take things that no one knows
We’ll decompose

Put a bullet in everything that brought you joy
Outgrown the tone
Traded in the noise

Listen to a song one million times
Looking for a reason just to stay alive
Distortion that distorted time

Things we’re not supposed to feel again they said
Things that will never fill your head again
Will decompose

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