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As It Is lanza su nuevo vídeo “No Way Out”8.5

La banda As It Is  lanza su nuevo vídeo “No Way Out” canción tomada de su álbum ‘Okay’ disponible ahora  conocelo ahora en #skape #rock y déjanos saber con un comentario su opinión

Que opina Skape
La canción nos parece genial los sonidos son super contagiosos y nos ponen de muy buena actitud, respecto al vídeo es sencillo y nos gusta la escena de nieve ademas con el fondo oscuro y las luces hace una genial mística así que dejamos un voto muy en alto para esta banda. opina que te parece el vídeo y la música en skape #rock


Inside as the rain came pouring down
It can’t wash away all this hurt that haunts me now
Inside as the rain came pouring down
I’m losing touch with the only soul I’ve found
Desperate delusions are all I have
Just to keep me hanging on

I shut my eyes, but my world’s still burning
I can’t escape, I feel it killing me
No way out
Here I am again

Choked up, but the pain came after all
I feel displaced in these once familiar walls
Patient I fall with no end in sight
And the noose around my neck

And as I let hindsight translate nightmares into reality, I begin to see myself for who I truly was, somebody desperate, somebody entirely out of their depth, somebody beyond their abilities to cope. And as I exhale out the pain, I’m digesting the severity of the depression I felt, the extent to which it claimed a piece of me, how it’s left me emotionally vacant and painfully numb. And now together, my faults and my thoughts prey on me like vultures, creeping from their comfortable distance, never once exiting my line of vision. And the facade I invite to amble whilst wearing my skin, he isn’t me and he never will be me. And I know that I fucked up, but I want to grow from it.

I find myself in the same dark ending
I can’t escape, I feel it killing me
No way out

Here I am again




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